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Abdication is the king’s final gift to a grateful Spain
By Charles Powell



What you need to know about the Spanish transition to democracy
In his book Spain: What Everyone Needs to Know, published by Oxford University Press, the British journalist William Chislett answers thirteen key questions about the Spanish transition to democracy, concerning the political process, the protagonists, the role of King Juan Carlos, the media and the social mobilization, the economics of the transition and the new constitution.
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  Agreement between IDCS
and the "Fundación Transición Española"
The Information and Decision Support Center (SCID), a think tank of the presidency of the Egyptian government, has chosen the Spanish Transition Foundation as a partner to develop the program Towards Democratic Transition in Egypt: Drawing Lessons from the Spanish Experience.
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Message of Pablo Zavala in El Cairo
Pablo Zavala Saro, Director of the Spanish Transition Foundation, at the workshop “The Road Map – The Path towards a Safe Democratic Transition in Egypt” in Cairo.
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  Message of Charles Powell in En Cairo
Last January 22nd 2014, Charles Powell Vice-chair of the Spanish Transition Foundation, spoke in the seminary imparted in Cairo, who was include in Towards democratic transition in Egypt: Drawing lessons from the Spanish experience program.
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