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One of the main purposes of the Spanish Transition Foundation is to document and digitize personal files of relevant people during the Spanish Transition and make it available for research use.

The file transfer process is done by professionals. The digitized work will become part of the Spanish Transition Foundation’s collection under the terms agreed with the depositor.

William Chislett has collected and shared his newspaper articles with the Spanish Transition Foundation

These documents are available for the users of our website to study the Spanish Transition from the perspective of a foreign reporter.

William Chislett (Oxford, 1951) reported on Spain’s 1975-78 transition to democracy for The Times, The Spectator, New Statesman, The International Herald Tribune, and Toronto Star. He witnessed political and social reforms during Spain’s transition to democracy, attended the most important political events and interviewed the key players in politics at the time.

It is also available William Chislett’s working paper:
The Foreign Press During Spain’s Transition to Democracy, 1974-78.
A Personal Account

Articles published in 1975
The Times. August 1975
The Times. September 1975
The Times. Octover 1975
The Times. November 1975
The Times. December 1975
Articles published in 1976
The Times, Toronto Star. January 1976
The Times. February 1976
The Times. March 1976
The Times. April 1976
The Times, New Statesman. May 1976
The Times. June 1976
New Statesman. July 1976
The Times. August 1976
The Times. September 1976
The Times. Octover 1976
The Times, Toronto Star. November 1976
International Herald Tribune.
   Special report. November 1976
The Times. December 1976
Articles published in 1977
• The Times. January 1977
• The Times. February 1977
• The Times. March 1977
• The Times, Toronto Star. April 1977
• The Times, New Statesman. May 1977
International Herald Tribune.
   Special report. May 1977
• The Times, Toronto Star. June 1977
• The Times. July 1977
• The Times. August 1977
• The Times, Toronto Star. September 1977
• The Times. Octover 1977
• The Times, International Herald
   Tribune. November 1977
• The Times. December 1977
Articles published in 1978
• The Times, The Spectator. January 1978
• The Times. February 1978
• The Times. March 1978
• The Times, The Spectator. April 1978
• The Times, The Spectator. May 1978
• The Spectator. August 1978





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